Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beware Bonine!

I took bonine yesterday to take care of the motion sickness I get on amusement park rides now that I'm 40+. It worked great! I went on all the "big kid" rides with my daughter and my stomach didn't feel the least bit iffy. Six hours later, however...

I started to feel really, really tired, and then felt what it must be like to be drunk. It took great effort to put together an entire sentence without slurring my words. I couldn't for the life of me keep my eyes open. I fell asleep six hours early, got up for an hour to put kids and myself to bed, then slept another eleven hours, and still feel like I could sleep another 20. My eyes feel puffy, I have a terrible headache. Must be a hangover. It's really something, and you can bet I'm NEVER taking bonine again. I'll stick with dramamine! I had read that bonine makes you less sleepy than dramamine. Different side effects for different folks, I guess. Ugh.

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alpidarkomama said...

Just wanted to add too, that I've tried ginger and that doesn't do anything for me. I thought I had found something helpful... oh, well.