Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Movie

I could go on and on about David Attenborough and any of the nature shows he hosts, and I'm sure I have in previous blogs. Tonight we watched an episode from Life in the Undergrowth, and again it was an evening of "OH!" "WOW!" "They can do that???" Utterly incredulous footage and the dialogue is so rich in information. I really think this series has perfected the art of nature movies. There is no moralizing (ugh), no forced storyline where none exists, no anthropomorphizing. The WOW is in the science and the footage, not the dazzling speed or special effects. I had no idea that galls on oak trees could be quite so utterly fascinating. We can't wait to see another episode.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for directing me. I watched a few life in the undergrowth videos and they were so awesome!