Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Grade Resources

I think I pretty much have everything nailed down. This list looks huge, and it doesn't even include Jewish music resources, books we will read together, etc. The interesting thing is, most of the subjects we study, we do in very brief, dense, 15-minute lessons. And half of these resources are used only 1–3 days per week. Our learning time is pretty compact, and I've actually been finishing everything sooner than four hours. It's going great.

Here's the list:


The torah!
Siddur Chinuch Chaim Shlomo, from Artscroll Publications
Rav Schwab on Prayer, a great resource for biur tefillah (study of prayer)
Linear Chumash: Bereishis, for when we start reading torah itself
The Migdalor Program, for Hebrew
The Little Midrash Says, for parsha stories
L’shon Hatorah – workbook alef, for biblical Hebrew, from Torah Umesorah (no website)
Ketivah and Kriyah curricula for free from chinuch.org
Mizrachi School Curriculum, for curriculum guidelines; see bottom of website page
Curriculum & Methodology: Limudei Kodesh, Grades 1–8, for curriculum guidelines, from Torah Umesorah
Naaleh.com (wonderful online shiurim; especially kid-friendly ones on melachos)
A Historical Atlas of the Jewish People (great maps for scanning into our history notebook)
Echoes of Glory: The Story of the Jews in the Classical Era


Spelling Workout A/B
First Language Lessons
Zaner-Bloser Handwriting
The Complete Writer: Writing With Ease
Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading
Singapore Math 1A/1B
Story of the World: Ancient Times, and accompanying activity book
R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey – Life
Game Plan (Grade 1 general music)
Piano Adventures, Primer level (I've taught most methods out there, and this is the best!)
Art project ideas from my favorite art project website


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