Friday, June 26, 2009


Yesterday and today I tested out our new "first grade" schedule. Wanted to see how long things actually took, and my guesses were pretty accurate. Now that I have it sketched out, I want to focus on optimization. There is so much more I would love to include - formal drawing lessons, art and music appreciation, nature study... I just had an idea! Once a month or so we could skip a "normal" learning day and do nature study, music and art appreciation, and one other topic of their choice. I think I just figured it out...

I asked Amirah if she wanted to learn to play recorder or piano, and she picked piano. So beginning next week (bli neder) I'd like to add in a 15-20 minute lesson 2x/week after dinner. Everything else went so smoothly this week. Our learning is pretty much just a continuation of what we've been doing, plus a few new subjects. Primarily, there's a much stronger focus on l'shon hatorah (the language of torah, i.e. biblical Hebrew), and a stronger focus on narration and writing.

Her absolute favorite subjects right now are Hebrew script, spelling, science, history, tefillah, and torah stories. We've been having very interesting, very interactive discussions of each of the tefillos and I'm actually learning a lot too. So.... off to do more cooking while the kids play in the back yard.

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