Monday, June 15, 2009

When I Drive a Tractor

By Eli Earlix

When I am a grownup I will be a farmer. I will grow corn plants and I will have 1 meat cow and 5 dairy cows. I will also have 2 goats. I don't know why I want 2 goats, but I do. I will have 4 chickens. They will lay eggs. I will also grow wheat. I will have 7 boys. They can just play while I work on the farm. My farmhouse will have two really big sinks so I can water my plants. I will have a tractor, a combine, a model BI (a machine??), and a John Deere excavator. I will also grow strawberry plants. I also want a motor grader to spread dirt around. A machine that breaks up rocks would be good too. My papa will do the cooking. My mama will work. Avi will drool everywhere. Amirah and Raizel will feed the chickens. My wife's name will be Shuli. She will teach the boys. I will live on the farm for a billion days. My bed will be in the farmhouse. I will have the same bed and blanket that I have now. And I will get a new truck blanket. We will eat fish. On our farm we'll have a river with fish and salmon in it. We will catch them with our fishing pole.


Anonymous said...

Awww. He knows what he wants. And avi will still be drooling??? He's not going to grow up?

Sarah G. said...

That is so adorable! I think that it is very generous that even with 7 sons, he will let them play and do all the work himself! What a great dream...what fun it will be to look back at years from now!

rivb said...

hahaha! That is just beautiful! What a treasure I would try and get that published in a kids magazine its simply too cute!