Friday, November 6, 2009


Three more hours until shabbos. The cooking is DONE (except for popping the chicken in to bake) and we'll go soon to pick up DH at work, then to drop off shabbos dinner for a friend trying very hard :( to recover from surgery. Then home to clean up a little and run everyone through the shower. Lovely company tonight for dinner that we haven't seen in a while, and it should be a nice day tomorrow, be'h. The spinach pastries turned into a filo dough pie, and the eggplant "meat"balls turned into eggplant turnovers. :) Added some olives, sundried tomato chummus, and some applesauce to put on the persimmon cake. Ready to feast! Our own weekly Thanksgiving.

I do like it best when shabbos starts around 6:00, but at least today, our first really early shabbos, I'm nearly ready except for a little straightening up. I may even get in my exercise walk beforehand, which would be good since I missed a day earlier this week.

Looking forward to snuggling into bed after dinner with a good book, and enjoying a restful, relaxing day tomorrow. What loveliness. Good shabbos!

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