Friday, November 27, 2009

Meat Servings

I found this on the extension service website, and it's a great guide! Different cuts of meat have different yields of servings after you take out all the bone and fat. Here's a quick guide:

Ground meat and stew meat = 4 servings per pound
Boneless steaks, roasts, and chops = 3 servings per pound
Cuts with some bone and trimmable fat = 2 servings per pound
Cuts with considerable bone and trimmable fat = 1 serving per pound

Calculating meat costs by cost per serving is a more accurate measure of the actual cost of the meat than cost per pound.

What about chicken? A whole chicken is about 1/3 waste (bones and trimmed fat; we're not counting the soup for now!). Multiply the cost per pound by 1.5. Then you can figure out which is the better deal - the boneless meat or the whole chicken. If a chicken costs $1 per pound (in our kosher dreams!), then you are actually paying $1.50/pound for the edible meat.

And that's all the math I'm going to do this evening... back to those shabbos preparations!

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