Thursday, November 5, 2009

Math, Water, Bikes, and Teeth

After saying in a recent post that I was mostly just doing informal math with Eli and that we might start more formal math later, well we've done a 180 on that! He picked up a Singapore Math (Kindergarten A) that I had purchased for Amirah but that we ended up not needing to use. He asked if he could have it. I told him it was fine. Well, in the last 10 days or so he's done about 120 of the 150 pages! He'll just sit down with me and whiz through 10-15 pages and be as happy as can be. Fortunately, we have the next book too! So I guess now I'm doing formal math with Eli. He's also nearly done with his alef bet book. There's a good beginning reader on that I'll be using next. I used it with Amirah too and it worked really well. He's almost done with the books that precede Explode the Code, and I happen to have the next two books already. They didn't work for Amirah at all (too writing intensive), but I think they'll be perfect for Eli. So, Mr. E. (aka MysterE) is zooming along, and he's very, very happy doing it. I also just got Handwriting Without Tears for Raizel and Eli. Raizel seems very ready to start writing (and has constantly been begging for some kind of workbook). Seems funny to start the writing before the reading, but that's what she's been asking for over and over again, so... we'll try it! Al pi darko, indeed. (Al pi darko = according to his, i.e. the child's, way.) Amirah has some new chumash materials coming from Torah Umesorah as we continue to work on our biblical Hebrew in anticipation, be"h, of her being able to read parshas bereishis (first section of Genesis) by pesach.

In other news, we have no hot water. No pilot light. No gas coming out. The line must be clogged or something. Hopefully we can get someone out here tomorrow. At least we can heat water on the stove. Still, I will very much miss my nice hot shower tonight, and be thankful that we have such things normally!!

The kids also went biking again today, this time at the school playground by our house. Lots of kids there, lots of fun. Avi couldn't take his eyes off the basketball players. He thought they were magnificent! Amirah hardly got off her bike. She really needs a bigger one, and Eli is probably big enough to take over hers. I don't think he'll yet mind that it's blue with purple flowers and a pretty basket. His helmet is yellow with bright pink tropical flowers, and he thinks that's just normal, so I think we can get away with it for a little longer. :)

And last of all, Amirah has her first loose tooth. A coming rite of passage. When I taught school, I always loved that transition all of the kids go through in first grade, from early childhood into youth. And the next transformation around nine was also very fun to watch. I've definitely always had a very soft spot for first and second graders, and now I have one of my own! What a pleasure.

And finally, Happy 3rd Birthday to our nephew/cousin, Mr. C! Farewell, toddlerhood!

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