Friday, November 20, 2009

The Menu

Here 'tis...

salmon gefilte fish
roasted lamb (for the bigs)
roasted chicken (for the littles who don't know the difference! :) )
mashed potatoes
roasted sesame cabbage
baked carrots
roasted balsamic zucchini/red pepper/onion/garlic/mushrooms
chocolate cake w/chocolate tofu frosting

And for lunch...

stuffed cabbage rolls

It's been a nice, full week - several playdates, a lovely rosh chodesh tiyul to our favorite wildlife refuge, a conclusion reached by DH and myself about the philosophy/purpose of an allowance (I love having someone with whom to discuss all the pedagogical ramifications... it's a very interesting debate! I'll blog, bli neder, about what we concluded as soon as I have free moment!), followup H1N1 vaccines for everyone + a 2nd flu shot for Avi (and he didn't even cry!), teaching my one family of students and really enjoying what fine young men they are becoming (oldest twins entering high school next year!), Amirah's art class (we normally don't sign up for things that we can do easily at home, but we hadn't signed up for a class this fall and not much is available mid-term; it's a nice change of pace and it's 90 minutes so time to really DO something), meeting a new friend via craigslist (Hi, S!) who just got her referral for a baby girl in Ethiopia (how well I remember that excruciating post-referral wait!), another friend leaving from Israel next month (please, Hashem) to get her two new daughters, some inspiring stories one year after the horrible murder of the rabbi and his wife in Mumbai (one Hindu doctor who was very close to them and learning about Judaism subsequently made aliyah with his wife and children to Israel, pursued an orthodox conversion, and exactly one year after the murder, he and his wife stood under the chuppah and had their Jewish wedding; AND the orphaned child of the rabbi and his wife turned 3, had his upshirin (first haircut), and put on his tzitzis and kippah, with the Indian nanny that saved his life beaming the whole time... all things I wanted to say more about, but the time has gone. In part because I received about 10 new books from Torah Umesorah for Amirah's kodesh studies, and I've been poring through them so I'm ready to teach from them next month. How's that for a couple of run-on sentences? It's been a run-on week!

Hope everyone who reads this is doing well, and I wish you all a good shabbos!

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