Friday, October 22, 2010


Amirah has finished all 231 lessons in the Ordinary Parents' Guide to Teaching Reading (her phonics book). We started at around lesson 20 in May, 2009. So after 18 months WE ARE DONE! It ends at about a 4th-grade reading level, so now we'll be picking up with the McGuffey readers from 1835. We'll start with book 2 (3rd grade-ish) to work on fluency and diction/elocution. I'm looking forward to diving into that next week. In the meantime, she's really taken off in her independent reading. She's been doing quite a bit of independent reading, and she's also been copying interesting facts out of various science books and putting them in her science notebook and adding illustrations. What fun to launch a new reader into the world. Now Eli is hot on her heels. He's devouring OPGTR enthusiastically and is excited to be reading. What a pleasure to be their companion on the journey.

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