Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Table Making

I've had this great interest in making our own dining room table for quite a while now. We'd like something that seats 10-12 people. I recently stumbled on this, and now I'm REALLY wanting to make my own table! Hoping to get a few house things done, wind up DH's six-day work weeks (only two more to go!), and then really start in on a project here and there. Like what? On the wish list - build a solar oven, make that table, cure 20 pounds of olives (in process!), make jam from all those summer strawberries, get at least one small 48-square-foot garden started, get the compost heap started (kitchen worms are doing great, by the way!), stencil a woodcut-like maze on the panels on either side of the learning room doors (they're begging for an art project!), make a 10-foot woodcarved beam to go above the learning room doors, etc., etc., etc. Whimsical things that I'm hoping we have time for this fall. Fun to have ideas, and even more fun if we actually accomplish a few of them!

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