Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Olives and Other Culinary Adventures

The olives have been moving along. I soaked them in water for about ten days, changing the water daily. Then on Sunday I drained them and made a salt brine, with a 1:3 ratio of salt to water. By then, most of the bitterness had leached out. I'll keep brining them until I think they taste good (2-6 weeks), then mix them up in different "flavors." I'd love to make one with chopped garlic and preserved lemons. We'll see!

And now for the kefir, long-neglected in the back of the fridge. I'm sure I haven't looked at it in 8 weeks or so. It's been sitting in a quart of milk all that time. I pulled it out dreading what would happen when I took the lid off. Much to my surprise, it was fine! Smelled like kefir. I declined to drink any, however. I did get it going again in a fresh quart of milk. Time to get that and the yogurt going full-swing with cold and flu season coming! We're out of culture, so time to re-order that too.

And coffee! Our old green bean supplier seems to have gone out of business. Our 20 pounds of green beans lasted us about a year or so. We're nearly out, so ordered six different one-pound samples from a supplier in Florida. We ordered all coffee from all over the place - Ethiopia, Zambia, Mexico, a house blend, a couple of others. It will be fun to try some new coffees and find a new favorite! The prices were great too - $3.95 to $4.25 per pound. Shipping from Florida was $9 for the 6 pounds. It should be better shipping costs when we order a larger amount. Anyway... we love our frugal coffee!

Tonight I found peaches and plums for $0.99/lb. Bought 20 lbs of peaches and 6 of plums, and hoping to jam it all this week. We've been out of jam for too long. Have to finally get those spring strawberries jammed too.

Fun stuff... Very satisfying. :)

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