Monday, January 24, 2011

Great Sunday

What a day! We got quite a lot done today, and it felt very good. To begin with, DH managed to FIX a dvd player in which some little hands had placed a pair of kippah clips. So, after canceling watching Guardians of Ga'Hoole last night, we got to enjoy it tonight. G of G was, of course, not nearly as good as the books. They took the plot of at least four of the books and put it into hyperdrive to jam through the highlights. You really didn't get to relish any of the characters. Twilight's battle poetry was the biggest disappointment. When we read those books, his battle poetry shook the house! :) All the same, it was fun to reminisce about how much we enjoyed the series, and the artistry was completely amazing. It was fun enough to spend part of an evening with.

Then, DH finished the removal of the Very Stuck Carpet from the future music room. Hooray! What a task that was. I'm sure he spent a good 10 hours of hard work to get that all out. Now we have to remove the glue from the plywood (hot water and dish soap), then paint it, then we can get the floor in. We're hoping to have it done in time for our first music class in 11 days. We'll see!

We also spent about an hour and a half together hashing out ideas for teaching chumash. Since his job all day is hashing out ideas to teach whatever subject lands on his desk, he's a tremendous resource and it was so nice to sit down and really come up with activities that we can do to, er, enhance our chumash studies. Such a learning curve for a ger and a BT, and this definitely takes much more of my own study time than any other subject. What a great excuse to learn and study though! As we flesh out and test our activities, I'll report more on what we're doing. I'm very happy to feel like my quiver is a bit fuller than it has been. It's helpful to him too since he's volunteering time as an instructional designer to the local day school so he can also get his ideas warmed up as he prepares to talk with individual faculty members. He's very much looking forward to doing that.

I got a few things done around the house too, so overall it was a very satisfying Sunday. I only wish that we had had a chance to take the kids to the park for an hour or so, but the day just quickly evaporated. Spent the evening typing up things for our chumash activities, making my order list for the new music class, and now I need to quickly run through our learning for tomorrow. For math, I'd like to take them into the yard and have them measure the land and transfer everything to graph paper so we can plot out fruit trees, gardens, possible future goats, chickens, play objects, etc. Should be fun!

Shavua tov!

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