Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Week

Hard to believe it's almost Friday (well, technically, it IS Friday!). Amirah came down with some kind of virus that has her mildly tired and with a bit of an upset stomach. She still eats a bit here and there, so it's not too bad B"H. I did finally go last night and got my flu shot, and got an appointment for all the kids for next week. There are some far nastier strains going around, it seems. Eli has had a really bad dry cough that keeps him from sleeping. It's been a slow-ish week around here with not too many adventures!

Monday was normal, then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I just treated like one big storytime. We read lots of science and learned about lizards, snakes, and crocodiles. We read about the last of the crusades (gevalt). Our Jewish history book (Berel Wein) included a story of the crusade led by Louis IX of France, shortly after he had held a public burning of the talmud. One group of French crusaders had several hundred Jews accompanying them for the journey to the Holy Land. The Jews established a yeshiva in Acre, and they remained under the protection of the Crusaders! That's all the details to the story I have, but would love to learn more about that strange story. We read about bad King John and his brother, Richard the Lionhearted, and read a Robin Hood story. We read about the magna carta and how it influenced our own constitutional laws. History was very interesting! We also finished The Five Little Peppers. Loved the book! A very sweet story, with wonderful middos modeled all the way through. Now it's being followed by a treat story - another Nancy Drew! We did lots of drawing, hung up some homemade bird feeders, and did a lot of resting. It was kind of nice, but I'm anxious to get back to work next week. The end of January is our half-way point for the year, and we're actually pretty on target towards completing what I'd hoped we'd get to this year.

Since Amirah still feels a bit low, and Eli still has a bad cough, we won't be able to attend a dinner at shul on Friday. We were all really looking forward to it too! Now I have to figure out what on earth we're eating tomorrow night. Something simple! Good shabbos, all!

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