Friday, January 28, 2011

The Week

I haven't been doing much recreational writing (i.e. blogging!) this week. I latched onto a very fun project and I can't get enough of it. :) A friend in the community started a wonderful little girls' choir. She has six pieces she'd like to do, so I'm busily transcribing them from her recordings and writing the piano accompaniments. So much fun to work on. Time consuming, though! I finished the first one (the biggest) and it took a total of about five hours, I think. But I'm really happy with the arrangement that resulted and I can't wait to continue working on the next one. I got a bit of a start last night. I'll be the accompanist for the group, so that will be fun too. ALSO, our recorder group and the girls' choir will be able to collaborate on some pieces too so while doing the arrangements I'm keeping it in my head to make it recorder friendly. The only that's tricky is we don't have a piano yet. I usually noodle around at the piano while working out an arrangement. Noodling around on the computer is 10x slower. I'm sure I'd cut my work time in half by having a real piano. It's on the to do list!

It was a very good week. With the changes DH and I made this week to Amirah's chumash studies and the jazzing up I did of our math time, both subjects were done b'simcha (with joy) this week. I'll write about the activities we're doing for now in a future post, b"n. I'm looking forward to more talks with DH to develop additional activities as we go along. I'm also teaching for mastery of the pesukim, so that she really knows what each word/shoresh/prefix/suffix means and can translate and pronounce every part with accuracy. This means we're going to go more slowly through the reading, but I think it will translate into greater speed overall as we progress.

We also had two wonderful park outings that involved lots of bike riding and rollerblading. The kids had a great time, and we need to do this much more often especially as the weather warms. It's lovely to get out for a couple of hours each day. Well, those are some of the highlights! Good shabbos!

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Jennifer in MamaLand said...

"as the weather warms" - halevai... absolutely no sign of that here. Enjoy it if you've got it!
I would definitely love to hear more about the changes to the chumash program.