Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jasper and Juliana

Our two green anoles have kept us very amused. Who knew that lizards cuddled? Or that both male and females displayed their throat pouches? Or that one anole could eat five crickets in one meal? Or that you could actually watch them change from brown to green before your very eyes?

Now we just have to learn how to make a cricket/moth/other trap so we don't have to constantly run to the pet store for crickets or figure out how to raise them at home... (Gevalt, I just remembered we were supposed to clean out their aquarium today!)

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Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Cute!! (as long as they are suitably encaged - I had a lizard stolen by a cat, back in the "menagerie" days)

I remember from having frogs that THEY cuddle. My dwarf African frogs would squeeze one another until it looked like one would seriously hurt the other. I don't think it was a mating thing, but maybe.

I gave up the menagerie knowing that realistically I couldn't keep animals AND children alive simultaneously.

I'm dreading having animals again, but our biology program recommends a long-term animal project, so I may take on the African frogs again. At least this company sells them AND takes them back again when you're done, if necessary!