Friday, February 18, 2011

The Menu

Yet another week where I only blog about the menu. :) I need to be writing things down, for myself. I use my blog entries (and some other notes I keep) to write the annual homeschooling summary we have to have on hand in case any state official ever cares to know what we did in any particular year. I use them for menu planning. I use them to go back and see when certain things happened. They're useful records! :)

It was a great week this week too. Some really good learning. We started astronomy, learned about the plague in 15th-century Europe and how it affected the Jews, did some speedy math, enjoyed our third recorder class (yay!), played math games, told and read stories, developed our chumash skills (with NO complaints... B"H!!!!!!!!), lots of good davening with more parts being taken by Raizel and Eli... Those are some things that randomly come to mind. On Wednesday we played hooky and went to the beach and had a great time getting all soggy and enjoying the magnificent weather. A few viruses dodging in and out of various family members, B"H most of them blessedly short! Spent some fun phone time chatting with old friends (yay, Doda Sh!). A very good week.

So. The menu.


chicken noodle soup
beef won tons with sweet and sour sauce
ginger soy chicken
brown rice
steamed ginger cabbage
steamed carrots
pineapple upside down cake

And for lunch:

sliced beef
spinach etc. salad
and the salads and etc.s from above

Good shabbos, all!


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

I definitely want an invite to Shabbos at your place!!!

alpidarkomama said...

Come on down! :)