Friday, February 11, 2011

The Menu

All this non-blogging! Between finally catching one of the viruses (after 8 weeks of dodging them!), arranging songs for the new choir, doing a little prep work for recorder class (but not much since I've probably done 40+ beginning recorder classes! :)), doing some heavy-duty prep for our kodesh learning, and working to understand the ins and outs of Discovery streaming educational media, I've been a bit occupied... I still don't know how dinner will get done, but somehow it will! More than halfway there and it's only 12:50. Three overnight guests will keep me honest about getting some real cleaning done, but my stuffed-up head would sure rather go back to bed!

And for the menu...

asparagus soup
red pepper sauce
cinnamon sweet potatoes
scalloped potatoes
oven-fried chicken
broccoli kugel
carrot ginger purée
strawberry sorbet
lemon pudding cake

and for tomorrow...

turkey sandwiches
spinach salad
and stuff from dinner

Good shabbos, all!

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