Friday, February 25, 2011

The Menu

At last, it's not the only post of the week. I still seem to be too busy doing things to write about them. So many, many good things going on right now!!!! Choir (and transcribing the melodies and writing accompaniments and practicing them on my imaginary piano), recorder class (with eight very lovely, enthusiastic girls - my dream class!), closing in on finishing up the music studio, continuing to be completely in love with homeschooling and learning how each child learns best, and great gratitude to Hashem for our life here. Gratitude every moment.

So, the menu:


challah (B"H there was enough in the freezer; I forgot twice to get yeast!)
steaks (thanks to the 40% off sales... I stocked up the freezer several months ago and we pull a couple out every few weeks)
roasted garlic lemon potatoes
spinach salad with fresh croutons
mashed sweet potatoes
roasted bok choi
spinach mushroom kugel
peanut butter cup bars (I'll have to post this recipe if it's as good as I think it will be, b"n!)

some of the above, plus
turkey deli slices

No guests... DH is still recovering from a sinus infection and a migraine-y week, so we'll keep shabbos kind of quiet and get lots of rest. Despite that, he sure has been working hard at work and at home. (And... in the spirit of Adar... DH's boss is no longer his boss... they're co-workers now... change is afoot and things are turning upside down... for the good, we hope, BE"H!)

Good shabbos, all!

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