Thursday, May 26, 2011

Math Mammoth

My first glance through the first chapter (2nd grade) of the Math Mammoth curriculum looks good. Things I like about it so far:

•All the instruction is located on the actual workbook page, not in a separate teacher manual. (I'd been wishing this forever, and I HATE using Saxon's scripted teacher manual!)

•The approach to mental math is very similar to Singapore Math, which was something I really liked, but the explanations look much clearer and are directed to the student.

•The price! It was (I think) $35 for all of 2nd grade, BUT it's a pdf so I can use it for all four kids. The price probably comes out to comparable to Singapore, and MUCH less than Saxon.

•Saxon had a little bit of 6-7 different subjects on each page and I just didn't like that. I much prefer Singapore's mastery approach, while also having the flexibility to start different topics in other sections of the book at the same time.

So, wish us well! I pulled out all the pages for things that I know Amirah has mastered. We just took two weeks off, and with three weeks of at pesach, then only two full working weeks after that, we've had a lot of off time. On the other hand, all we really have to do between now and June is 14 spelling units (each unit takes 2 days), 3 chapters of astronomy, as much math as we can manage, and continue with our chumash work (plus our usual davening and parsha study). The astronomy and spelling are even semi-optional, so we're in really good shape.

And today they all had a piano lesson! Raizel was first, and so very excited. We did the first couple of pieces in the Faber primer, did some improvising on the black keys, and learned some keyboard geography (10 minutes!). Then Amirah had a lesson. We got through the first seven songs and she had a great time. She also played by ear some of the songs she's learned on recorder. Hooray! Then Eli had his lesson and he LOVED it! He reminded me so, so much of a student I had from age 4-11. AW looked a lot like Eli and was so very sweet and enthusiastic. And very talented, especially when it came to Bach. I just loved the fond flood of memories of former students as I taught them.

So... back to semi-normal tomorrow! :)

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