Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Math, Math

Still struggling a bit with math. I've been looking at lots of materials online for inspiration. One thing I have discovered - you can buy small sections of Math Mammoth to review specific concepts. We're doing GREAT on everything but math facts! I might go ahead and get the $5 Math Mammoth supplements for adding and subtracting (1 to 100) and place value. Between that, flashcards, and maybe locating some math fact (not-obnoxious!) music we could polish up our 2nd-grade skills. It's truly the only area of resistance there is right now and there has to be an answer for that somewhere.

It was a good day today. We had a tour of the airport with the local homeschoolers group. It was our first outing with them, and actually it was great. A Georgian secular homeschooling group is very different from an Oregonian one! Here, secular just means that we'll keep our religious beliefs mostly to ourselves. In Oregon, it meant (in my experience!) that you were in the midst of utter athesists and atheist ACTIVISTS. It was definitely not for us. So... this group will be great for the occasional field trip. Hooray. We got to see the airport fire truck and try on the firefighter clothes, and we mosied around the airport. The tour was a bit uninspired (lacking in information!), but we had fun with the fire truck.

After that, the day was so gorgeous we couldn't just go home for lunch and back to work, so we took our lunch to the park. We had changed into our swimsuits, hoping to splash in the water at the fountain. Unfortunately, they had blocked off all access to the water. :( Maybe it's permanent? There had been a lot of trouble keeping kids out of the pool part where the fountain mechanics were. I'm sure the fountain was subject to chronic damage from people trampling where they weren't supposed to. We were sad about not getting wet from where the water falls out below the fountain. Maybe it will be temporary. If not, next month they should have the spray fountains there up and running.

We got home just in time to clean up, get re-dressed, and have a recorder rehearsal for our concert tomorrow. The kids did great, and we're all excited about the concert - my first one in my new state!

Dean has started all kinds of new little seeds going inside over the last few days. He's been hauling dirt every day, and drawing up all kinds of homestead plans. He's having a great time. And so are the rest of us! Salads from our garden have been a huge hit with the kids. We're looking forward to planting the 5 beds that are ready for things to grow.

Time to rest up for another day. Get ready for Savta, do some learning, 5:00 rehearsal, and 6:30 concert. Should be fun!!


Regina said...

I read that some people use copywork of math facts to help kids internalize them. I am using math mammoth right now and am very happy with it. It's thorough, follows a logical progression and breaks things down into small amd manageable steps and is done in a simple but attractive manner. I got mine on, they also have math facts for copywork if I remember correctly. Hope this helps. I wrote more about Math Mammoth on my blog

alpidarkomama said...

Great! I think that will be our summer math program. Thanks! :)

Fairion said...

What math facts music are you using? Where did you get it?