Monday, May 23, 2011

What a Day

The morning was a long time ago! D and I did some work in the back yard, removing an old pond, chopping down some shrubbery, sledgehammering concrete, and starting to level out the back yard. We want to get it ready for our pool, which we could have really used today when it was in the high 90s! I've ordered a saltwater filter system for it, which will be great. No chlorine that is hard on eyes and swimsuits (and a dangerous chemical). Just plain old salt (salinity that is about 1/10th the salinity of the ocean), and copper to kill algae. You salt the pool once and you're DONE. You just need to replace water as it evaporates. Since the salt doesn't evaporate you don't have to replace it again. Here's hoping!

After lunch, we headed out to the bamboo test gardens (run by the University of GA extension services). D got lots of good information on bamboo and bananas. We want bamboo for a fence, for building garden structures, for weaving sukkah mats, and while we're at it why not do some art projects too? :) It was a really fun trip there.

Then we checked out a house with ima. Unfortunately, D sprained his ankle before he went in the house. :( I ran home for ice (one block!) and brought it to him. Ow. We went home after that. Ima looked at a couple more houses with her realtor. D went home and I took the kids to the lag b'omer barbecue at shul. I probably should have left Eli at home. I think it was a bit much for him. He felt much worse at the end of the day than he had in the beginning. Poor guy! It's been a rough 8 days with everyone sick. It's so much harder with each day not really having a MISSION to accomplish and everyone just trying to get rid of the bug. Keeping up with dishes, laundry, and other housekeeping as best we can. Not exactly a very lively life here right now! Oh, well... Soon, BE"H!

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