Monday, May 30, 2011

Satisfying Sunday

It really was a lovely day. A bit hot, but that didn't stop us! First, there was a lovely bas mitzvah celebration and lunch, then I got home and rolled up my sleeves. We had two boys over who can wield a mean wheelbarrow, so between us we got LOTS of dirt moved from the front to the back yard. We flattened out the place where our above-ground pool will go by using a 12-foot piece of lumber with a level strapped to it. Eventually we got it just right and spread a tarp over it. Tomorrow - the pool!

I also got a flower bed planted near our veggie beds. I put in salvia, lavender, and primrose. We also had half a brick column that had been holding up the gate on the side of the house to get into the back yard. It had become loose, so Dean knocked it over so there wouldn't be an accident It's about two feet tall and hollow in the center, so I rolled it over the flower bed and plopped it in the middle. We filled it with soil and I'm hoping to get some of those cascading purple petunias to put in the middle of it, and then find some kind of raised support to add to the top so we can put a bird bath on it. It looks really nice, even without flowers or bird bath on it!

Raizel went to play with a friend (and is spending the night). The boys went to a friend's house for a little while, then youngest boy came back. The visitor boys stayed here a while, then oldest daughter went to dinner at their house. Avi fell asleep on the couch, and Eli had a snack when he came home then didn't want dinner. So... a rare event - only D and I were at the table for dinner! I made a pizza with arugula, basil, chopped garlic and tomatoes. YUM. Then D went out to get one thing at Home Depot for the pool and took the two bigs, and Avi and I went down the street to bring R. her overnight bag and to visit with a good friend and her new baby. Another YUM. I've never seen so many REAL smiles in a little baby. Definitely not gas. Totally precious. A nice way to end the day. Tired muscles, but not sore, and looking forward to another day tomorrow. Hashem is good!

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