Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Lake Trip

Here are pictures from our lake trip. What a great time we had!

Lake Ben Hall (with lots of boat houses along the shore)

At sunset. The pedal boat was a bit difficult to pedal...

Avi was always busy doing either this...

or this.

And sometimes this.

Raizel has a million different expressions.

She loves those big splashes!

Eli was at LEAST this happy the entire time.

Sometimes this happy (lying down on a deck chair)

Water play is his favorite thing.

Amirah learned the joy of kayaking and had a superb time.
We enjoyed paddling across the lake intending to buy popsicles,
only to discover that the little store had only about 5% of its shelves stocked.

What a pleasure to paddle with my daughter!

Jumping off the dock into the duckweed.

All smiles, all the time.

Amirah caught a crayfish.

We also enjoyed the wildlife at Magnolia Springs State Park.

B"H what fun we had!

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