Friday, August 5, 2011

The Menu

Another week of just menu posting. I've been so distracted by all the organization we've been doing and with helping as I can to get ima settled in (a little tricky with three puppies and four kids!) that blogging time has been set aside this past month. There have been lots of fun things to share, so hopefully my memory will hold on to a few of them! :)

So, for dinner:

Italian bean dip
taco salad
broccoli/sundried tomato pasta salad
chicken skewers
mushroom rice
roasted potatoes
roasted veggies
chocolate covered orange biscotti

And for lunch (lots of guests!):

salads from dinner, plus
apple honey coleslaw
shuba (beets/carrots/onion/potatoes/lox/mayo - a layered salad)
asparagus/egg/tarragon/arugula salad
macque choux (corn/pepper/tomato)
beef barley stew
frozen lime pie

Good shabbos, all!!!

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