Friday, January 6, 2012


We've been working hard on the garden in the small cracks of time available. We've nearly got a plastic-covered hoop up over our 32' x 5' bed to grow our seedlings. The wood chips from the former trees are starting to smell like sweet growing dirt. We found someone with a dump truck who might be able to get a (HUGE!) load of compost for us. The compost is free from the city, so we'll just pay the cost of transport. The fence panels that we bought many months ago have turned out be so very useful for everything but a fence. We're so glad to have them! They made a first-rate roof for the coop, and now they're making fantastic raised beds all around the garden.

Last night I wrote out our whole planting schedule, which took some doing since Savannah's weather is quite different from the rest of Georgia for which readily-available planting schedules are made. We have to start spring/summer veggies about three weeks sooner and fall/winter veggies about two weeks later. My oh my, was I surprised to discover that our busiest planting weekend will be the last weekend in January! And the bulk of this is direct-seeding the vegetables, not starting them indoors or under cover. So, we've got to hurry up and get those beds done! No rest for the weary in Savannah's 11-1/2 month growing season!

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