Friday, January 6, 2012

The Menu

Again, shabbos. B"H! I'm just not sure where the rest of the week went. Here's the plan!

For dinner:

teriyaki salmon
whipped butternut squash
mashed potatoes
roasted sweet and sour mushrooms
roasted zucchini and carrots
homemade butter
pumpkin cheesecake
sugar cookies (by Amirah)

(Haven't had a shabbos dairy meal in AGES!)

And for lunch:

sushi (surimi/avocado/cucumber and sweet potato/omelet/spinach)
baba ghanouj
bbq sauced chicken wings
cabbage apple slaw
rice sausage salad
cucumber tomato onion salad
pumpkin kugel
barley mushroom tomato stew
carrot salad
roasted pears
cake (from guest)
pareve ice cream (from a different guest)
and lots of wines (from two other guests)

We're having a lot of guests. :)

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