Thursday, January 19, 2012


I can't believe I'm saying this, but I just spent a couple of hours on pesach menus! We're spending pesach on Tybee Island (thanks to the generosity of Doda S.!), and while I won't have to clean my house for pesach I think the logistics are no less staggering. Kashering a strange kitchen for pesach (at least we'll get there three days before pesach). Fitting everything in one (!) refrigerator (maybe we can bring the chest freezer with us? Would that be nuts?). Imagining feeding 14 people, 3 meals per day, plus a few more for the seders. On the other hand, I can delegate! Several good cooks will be there so we can take turns with cooking and cleanup. Maybe it won't be so crazy. We have our own pool and a beach. I'm voting for late-night women's swims. :)

So... I've organized my thoughts a little, looked at last year's menus, plugged in some of my old standby dishes and if I plug away at it a bit each week and start stocking up groceries now, we should be in good shape... please, Hashem!!!!

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