Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's a Bris!

Little Avraham Mordechai will be having his bris (circumcision) this Thursday at (gasp) 7:30 in the morning at our shul. I do not do mornings, and I definitely don't do mornings with 4 under 5. Except this Thursday. This Thursday I'll do a morning. I think we'll all have to sleep in our clothes or something. Or sleep at shul! Yeah, that's it. Everyone is welcome, noshes to follow (so at least I don't need to get them all breakfast). If I haven't sent you an invitation it's not because you weren't invited but just because I've had a severe case of mommy amnesia this week, so please come anyway!! It was a last minute announcement. Avi, being an older baby, may require sutures for his bris so a special mohel is required. B"H, that special mohel is the father of our rosh kollel and happens to be in town this Thursday! So, a-bris-ing we will go.

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Jesi and Joe said...

How was the Bris?! Was it a success? ;-) Hope it went well and the celebration was a blast!