Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Plan Is Working

Eli has been positively flourishing since last Thursday. He's sparkly and enthusiastic, dancing from room to room. All the papa attention on him has truly made a big difference. It is so nice to see. We've also managed to do a nice amount of reading, writing, math, torah study, and art projects with Amirah (with sidekicks coming in and out of what we're doing). We even went strawberry picking, but only lasted long enough to pick a pound. It's only $1.25/pound for u-pick, but the gas brought that up to $5.50/pound. Oh, well!

Today was Amirah's 5th birthday, and it was really a perfect day for her. We met some friends at the little local amusement park. Raizel went on her first rides. I thought she would never get on a ride without me, but she did! Five times! I'm so happy to see all these little signs of gaining confidence in her. Then we went on a picnic lunch at the riverside park next to the amusement park. We played tag, saw baby ducks, ate a nice lunch, and enjoyed the sunshine. After our picnic, we dropped Amirah off at papa's work and she spent an hour "working" in his office before she took the bus home with him. BIG adventure. Amirah and papa went to pick up a birthday cake, then we took another picnic to a nearby park and ate, opened presents, and played on the playground. It was a really nice day. She was very happy, and everyone got all tanked up on cuddles, giggles, and general coziness. :)

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Jesi and Joe said...

I'm so glad Eli is thriving with the new parenting routine and enjoying his time with Papa. I know you guys have a busy house, but it sounds like you guys manage it so well! I love how you continue to find creative ways to make things better for everyone! You guys are awesome!