Friday, June 6, 2008

Successful bris

Avi was a champ, the mohel was a pro, and we had 60 people at shul for breakfast. :) I also somehow managed to get all 4 kids dressed and out the door at 7:15 (Dean left at 6:30 for morning services). There was definitely more blood than with a newborn bris and he required 5 stitches, but Avi has weathered it very well, baruch hashem. I called the rabbi in the early afternoon and asked when we should expect the local anesthetic to wear off, and he said it probably had already worn off a couple of hours ago (!). So, he's not even on aspirin or anything and was looking around grinning and eating as if not much had happened today. He didn't even take a longer nap than usual. He's a tough little guy. It was a very nice occasion, and it was a very nice gathering of friends and family. Please, hashem, let the rest of his healing go as smoothly.

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