Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quote of the Week

(Actually, this was the quote of the week a couple of weeks ago when Dean went back to work.) Dean, looking around at all the kids, the messy house, a large stack of dishes, and 6 bins of laundry: "Goodbye, dear, I'm going back on vacation." :)

And tomorrow (well, today since it's after midnight) is DH's birthday. In honor of him, I have to tell a funny story. Several months ago I was cleaning up some used diapers and putting them in the diaper bin. I realized it needed to be emptied so I started to fiddle with it. I was shocked to realize that after 4-1/2 years of changing diapers I had NO IDEA HOW THE DIAPER BIN OPENED! DH had quietly emptied out the diapers without my hardly realizing it and NOT ONCE had I emptied the diaper bin in all that time. WOW. That's just one story of hundreds that illustrates what an absolutely devoted, helpful, and enthusiastic husband and father he is. We are all blessed by his being the head of this family.

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Hoosbin said...

Full Disclosure: The quote was not a joke, it was a Freudian slip. Nor was it a fluke--on my first day back at work, when I was submitting my "vacation" time, I accidentally included the entire first week I was to be back at work!