Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm not a shopper (understatement), but I really had to share what's been most useful lately:

The Ergo backpack - You can wear it on the front, back, or side. Without changing the adjustments, I can put Avi or Raizel in it, and they both like it.

The high chair from Ikea - It's all plastic, easy to clean, much smaller than your normal high chair, and only cost about $18. It's perfect for Raizel, and is just now starting to work for Avi.

The Jeep double stroller from Babies 'R' Us - I can feed Avi in the backpack and still easily push it one-handed with 2 other kids in it, unlike my old ultra-bulky double stroller which also took up almost ALL the trunk space in the minivan.

My napkins, placemats, and towels - They make seriously good wrapping paper. Amirah's presents looked CUTE, we didn't have to throw any of it away, and of course it was free.

There were so many more things on my mind lately, but those brain cells are making mass exits out the window (and it has nothing to do with the late hour). Oh, well.


Jodi said...

We love our ergo so much we bought another (a large price tag to swallow, but SO well worth it). We will opt for two on our back rather than a huge stroller!
I will have to check out the ikea high chair. We leave Portland for Ethiopia on the 6th. Maybe we can check it out then. I have yet to go in that store. It scares me.

Jesi and Joe said...

Wow, 3 posts in one day (although it looks like one is from last Thursday!? I must be losing my mind because I've checked your blog everyday... my computer must be hiding posts from me!). I haven't tried the Ergo, but I do love the carriers in general. But, I also love our double stroller... something I don't think I could do without since I'm on my own with the twins fairly often. Hmmmm... maybe I could wear one Ergo on the front and one on the back!? ;-) I have no idea how you juggle it all so well!

Jodi said...

If you DO want to carry both, I have heard that the ergo on back and something called a MeiTei (SP) on front works well. I have looked into it anticipating two infants. My whole family/friends just bought me the double stroller I could only DREAM of (would never spend that much money on). The ergo is great because you honestly can not feel the weight. i caried my 2.5 year old son on hikes for hours.