Friday, June 20, 2008


We are weaving. Bit by bit, the children are being woven into true siblings. You should have heard the cheers when Eli used the toilet several times today (something we're working on... 2 in diapers would be good; 1 even better!). Raizel was running around outside shouting, "Yay, Eli! Poo-poo, Eli! Yay!!!!" It was pretty hilarious. Shabbat starts soon. What's cooking? Challah, jerk chicken, Jamaican rice and beans, guacamole, chips, cilantro coleslaw salad, apple cake, apple strudel, roasted corn, and Caesar salad. And tomorrow we're having our first shabbat guest since we got home. Things are really in a groove and it was a really great week. Now we set everything else aside, enjoy a great meal, go to sleep early, and enjoy a nice, relaxing day. What a gift.


Hoosbin said...

So, 4 children and a nine-course Shabbat... is this for real? I can vouch that it's in the warming oven now... but the secret is that dear Wif was cooking extra Shabbat food for a month before we left for Ethiopia, and making double-recipes when possible after we returned. So she defrosted six of the nine courses :-) So would you say it's no big deal since it's defrosted? I don't know about you, but I'll soon be singing Aishet Chayil mi yimsah (Woman of valor, who shall find?) With feeling!

Jesi and Joe said...

Wow, that's impressive! No way would I be able to pull off even half the yumminess of all that. One day you'll have to fill in the uneducated of us about what Shabbat really is, and is it always 9 courses of food you eat?! Yum, yum!