Friday, September 19, 2008


Last night I canceled our Thursday plans because I was wiped out. Then Amirah got very quiet and teary-eyed when I broke the news the next morning. "But I've never been to someone's HOUSE to see goats before and I was thinking about it all night." So, I gathered up every ounce of oomph and uncanceled our plans. It took a long time to get out the door. Had a hard time finding lunch, keys, shoes, socks, underwear. Usually it takes 45 minutes to get everyone packed and out the door, but today it took 90. Oh, well! So it goes sometimes.

Our afternoon adventure was terrific. We met our friend RF (future mom of 2 Ethiopian children and current mom of 2 other wonderful children) at Daybreak Park in Battle Ground on the east fork of the Lewis River. It was gorgeous!!!

We came with our pond nets in hand, hoping to have a little more luck finding a crayfish.

Not only did we find a crayfish, but we also found a shell that had been recently molted. We got to see the crayfish swim backwards (FAST!) and seek out hiding places in the rocks. It also lifted it's pincers up towards us. We could see its antennae moving and see how it had pincers on the forelegs, but not on the rear legs. We also saw the eyes really well. It was really great.

Amirah had a great time poking around the water for a couple of hours. We saw perwinkles, snails, well-camouflaged fish, water skippers, and RF and Amirah were even surprised by a very large mouse that leaped out from one of the rocks several feet out in the water and made a run for the shore.

We also brought chocolate cupcakes. I think this was Eli's favorite part.

After the creek, we went to RF's house nearby and met the goats. And the dogs, cats, gecko, and fish. We wanted to meet the garden snakes too but they were hiding underground somewhere.

We also got to jump on the trampoline. That was a hit too!

And just to prove that Raizel and Avi were there too...

That's them on the trampoline. Really!

We got home and had pancakes with papa. It was quite a good day, despite a tired mommy.

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Andrew and Rebecca said...

Oh, I'm laughing out loud just seeing Eli's chocolate mustache and beard again! We all are quite the group! What fun we have. We all are looking forward to many more playdates. Next time there will be snakes! =) Maybe we can hike down the hill to our creek next time. (It's pretty dry but still a wonderful adventure!)
Have a wonderful weekend!