Monday, September 8, 2008

Family Movie Night

Most every Sunday evening here is Family Movie Night. During the week while papa exercises they watch a 30- to 45-minute "protein" movie, usually either about science or something Jewish. Then on Friday afternoon after lunch they can watch a treat movie (their choice from what we have here in our library, or from the library) while I cook and cook and cook. On Sunday evening our family movie is either a treat or protein movie. That's the extent of our tv watching.

Tonight Amirah picked a protein movie that she's been very excited about for a couple of weeks. It's called The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, produced by BBC. There are 5 dvds in this series, and we watched the one with "Open Ocean" and "The Deep." It was incredible. I HIGHLY recommend this dvd. Even my fish biologist husband learned many new things while watching this. We're looking forward to requesting additional dvds in this series from the library!

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