Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pretty Good Couple of Days

It just keeps on being pretty darn nice around here. :) On Sunday, while Dean slaved away at work, we went to visit Gardenripe - the farm where our produce comes from. (Yay, Farmer Bill!) We had a great time with our friends the F-H family picking 50 pounds of tomatoes and peppers and getting some garlic, cilantro, and extra bok choi. Haven't finished the pears yet, and now there are all those tomatoes too! Hopefully, tomorrow night BF & I (uh, that wouldn't be Boy Friend, ha ha) will be making lots of salsa and sauce.

Today we had a good learning morning, then had lunch and headed over to the library to get some books. Amirah wanted to see the dinosaur books in the grown-up section, so I showed her where it was. 20 minutes later I checked on her again and she was practically swooning with half the shelf in piles all around her on the floor (sorry, librarians!!). Prehistoric beasts, pteranodons, allosaurus, heaven for a 5-year-old. I told her she could pick out 5 books (which actually came to 12).

Then I wandered over to check on Eli and Raizel. I was perusing the math/money books when I heard Eli call me from one aisle over. There, right at his feet, was, well... Last night I just happened to read this and laughed because something like that had NEVER happened to me! Until today... Let's just say that it took me several minutes (or so it seemed) to recover from my shock and figure out what to do. Fortunately we were right next to the computer stations from which I snatched a stack of scratch paper, scooped it up into a nice neat (fortunately!) package and made a bee line for the bathroom. The real miracle was that his clothes weren't that messed up. We still managed to go to the park across the street. The moral of the story: even if your 3-year-old has gone through all of his clean underwear, don't leave the house without it!!! Oh, well. I'm not sure I've recovered, but he thought it was a pretty funny story for papa. OY.

Ready for sleep now. What happened to the day???

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