Monday, September 8, 2008


Our current readaloud book is...

Little House in the Big Woods, with the original Garth Williams illustrations, thank you very much. (The publisher has recently re-issued these books with PHOTOGRAPHS instead of one of my favorite illustrator's pictures. Blasphemy!)

I loved this series when I was little, and loved watching the tv series too. I even remember which episode I had to miss because I was naughty one Monday night shortly before the 8:00 airing time. I don't know what I did, but I sure remember the pain of missing that episode where Nelly teases the fat boy at school. I'm pretty sure that's the only episode I ever missed.

We're having a lot of fun reading the book. It would be great to read many of them from the series, but we'll see how far we go before we need a change of pace. The language is very nice, the images are rich, the peek into a historical era is delightful, and the characters are absolutely timeless. We are all enjoying it.

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The Six of Us said...

Looks like you are off and running! I have not chosen our first read aloud book. I feel so behind but the kids are THRILLED about what we have done so far. I am trying to simply stay one step ahead of them and look prepared.