Monday, September 8, 2008

Crunchy Cons

That's what my husband and I are. This fits us much better than Republicrats. We read aloud much of Rod Dreher's book of the same title while driving to and from our camping vacation last week, and we found that we agreed with 90%+ of what he was saying.

The book has chapters on: What are Crunchy Cons?, Consumerism, Food, Home, Education (very pro-homeschooling), The Environment, Religion (including an interview with a crunchy con orthodox Jewish woman), and Waiting for Benedict.

So what is a crunchy con?

Well, a crunchy con is a conservative but not a modern-day-straight-ahead Republican Party kind of conservative. The four most important areas of life for a crunchy con are religion, nature (but not in a pantheistic way!), aesthetics, and family. Basically, religion and family are THE point in life and everything else - our careers, what we buy, what we do in our free time - goes to serve that mission.

It's a good book, and outlines what we believe is a very good life for our family. We were just so excited to find out this was actually an idea out there that someone had labeled! So, for now we'll stop calling ourselves Republicrats, especially since we now seem to have almost nothing in common with EITHER political party given recent politics. We are happy little crunchy cons. :)

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The Six of Us said...

Wow, that looks like a great book!