Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ahhhhhhhh... Sunday.....

What a nice day it has been. Dean caught up on some errands. It's the first Sunday in a while that he hasn't had to work to make up for all the time he has to take off for the Jewish holidays. Yay. We just stayed comfy-cozy at home. The bigs :) went out to run errands with papa and I puttered around the house with the littles. Everyone was back at lunchtime and we spent part of the afternoon doing art projects. We haven't done as many art projects as we like to do, so we did 1-1/2 this afternoon, and hope to do 1-1/2 tomorrow morning. In addition to the wonderful Kindergarten art books from the Singapore Math website, I found this really great website that has beautiful ideas for art projects. Today, both projects we did came from there.

First, we drew spider webs in pencil on black paper, then traced the web with glue. That will dry until tomorrow, the we'll do some finishing touches. Raizel even did one! I'll post pictures when it's done (bli neder!).

The other project we did today was to take watercolor paper and paint it with broad strokes of sunset-colored watercolors. While that was drying, we cut buildings out of black construction paper and windows out of yellow construction paper, then glued them to the sunset paper. Here are the results!

Eli really liked making lots of crazy windows!

Amirah said the buildings on the left are actually houses on stilts.
They are connected to each other so you can go from one to the other without going outside.

Lots of fun. I'm really hoping to make sure we do at least one art project per week (in addition to the free drawing we do just about every day). To do the 1-1/2 art projects we did to day really only took about an hour start to finish, including clean-up. It always feels like it's going to take longer than that.

I'm really looking forward to the conclusion of the fall holiday season so we are all back on a normal daily schedule again. I like the regularity of those days. But the holidays have been pretty nice!! We've kept them very simple this year. I've cooked fancier than everyday food, but not so much that I'm exhausted. It's been actually sort of a sweet, reflective time.

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