Monday, October 27, 2008

Tonight's Haul & a GOOD Movie

I made another little dent in all that freezer fruit. Tonight I canned 2 gallons of grape juice, 8 pints of pomegranate jelly, and 20+ pounds of tomatoes/onions/garlic/spices are cooking down in the slow cooker overnight. They'll get pureed and frozen sometime tomorrow. I got these for $0.50 per pound from our CSA farm. He just brought a bunch of extras with the last (sniff, sniff) delivery. A pretty good night. Just as most people are finishing putting up all their summer produce, this one is just kicking into high gear. Oh, well. :) I love the clicking sounds the jars make as the lids seal after their hot water bath. A clicking kitchen just sounds very happy. And hey, if something ever happens to the water supply, chas v'shalom, we can drink grape juice for days. And days. And days. And still have lots left over.

In between putting jars in hot water and taking jars out I also watched a movie that the rest of them were watching. This movie was in deep contrast to last week's movie! We love the Blue Planet series from Discovery Channel. It is beautifully narrated by David Attenborough, and is a far cry from the "whoah, cool awesome" narration we got on Aliens of the Deep last week. Tonight we watched the episode about coasts. I always learn many new things, and so does my husband PhD and all. :) Did you know that when a walrus is swimming in the ocean (where it spends most of its non-breeding life), it's skin turns all white? It keeps all the blood in the core of its body so it doesn't freeze. When they go up on land, the capillaries gradually open up and they turn to what I think of as their usual pinky-brown color. Isn't that interesting??

My husband brings home the projector from work on the weekends, so we watch them on what is actually a window shade that makes a perfect movie screen. It's fun to see the movies so big, though I would never pay real money for the experience.

As soon as there is time, I also have to tell about the most wonderful chapter we read in Farmer Boy on shabbat. Great financial advice that applies really well today, and a wonderful example of really beautiful parenting. This is just a reminder to myself! :)

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