Friday, October 10, 2008

Funny Dreams

I've had this series of dreams about 2-4x per month for the last 8 years or so. They're not really remarkable in any way. There's a (fictional???!!!) place that I keep going back to. I wish I could draw a map (oh, I wish I could draw at all!!!!). This place starts at the coast, probably somewhere near the Oregon-California border. There is a long narrow river with steep canyon walls that goes out to the ocean. There are houseboats anchored along the shores and other houses on stilts at the base of the cliffs. It is a tourist destination, with groups of people going down the river on large boats. Further upriver there is a salt-water park with slides, swimming areas, spray features, and diving boards. (Don't ask me how the salt-water got there.) Just outside the swimming area there is a pod of orcas that performs acrobatics.

South of this area and inland there is a maze of small rivers that are perfect for innertubing and rafting. The area is surrounded by soft grass and there are many natural slides made out of broad flat sloping rocks in the middle of the river.

If you go out to the ocean from here there a number of peaceful beach communities, with lots of grassland. The area near the ocean is pretty flat. No cliffs or anything. There are several nice, cozy hotels to stay in, all kind of old-fashioned. The towns are pleasantly busy but not packed. The pace is very, very relaxed.

In the opposite direction there is high desert. Lots of trees, and it's possible to see many interesting wild animals.

In all of my many visits to this place, I would say that I've spent that most time in the river areas.

Isn't this weird????????? I went there again last night. The whole family was with me. We checked into a hotel that we had only eaten at the last time (so all the restaurants must be kosher too! YAY!!!!). We thought the English owner was so nice that this time we decided to actually stay there. The hotel was maybe 12 blocks from the ocean. It had a lovely wide porch where meals were served, and the whole hotel was painted a pale buttermilk color. The weather was nice and balmy. We had a great time.

It's just so odd to have these dreams. No deep symbolism. No psychological or spiritual revelations. Just a nice little outing. And I keep going back!!!! Maybe I'll try to sketch out a map. It's just so strange. I'm sure I've forgotten some of it since I don't write them all down. Odd. :)

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