Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Avi!!!

Today, Avi is 1 year old. No more real babies around here. :( :) :( :)

We'll probably celebrate with cake on Sunday since we're busy getting ready for shabbat. The kids like to get cakes with "fancy frosting" so we usually get a (gasp) store-bought cake for that. The only problem is, the only kosher bakery has recently started making all the cakes dairy so we can't eat them after a meat meal. You can special-order a non-dairy cake, but of course I didn't think that far in advance! It's pretty ridiculous, since most Jewish festive meals include meat so a dairy bakery almost becomes pointless. Of course, for his birthday we can just have dairy and have a dairy cake. But most people have desserts on shabbat. And what do we eat on shabbat? MEAT! So it's just very weird to have a dairy bakery. Oh, well. At least their breads are still pareve!! I don't buy much bread there, but I do get their 99-cent day-old hamburger and hot dog buns. And an occasional loaf of French bread since I haven't seemed to have French bread come out tasting like a real baguette.

Anyway.... I was here to talk about Avi's birthday and instead I end up talking about food. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AVI! The camera is not working right now, so I'll have to put up a birthday photo later. Hopefully on Sunday.

The last of the Jewish fall holidays begins on Monday night. The festival of Sukkot, our family's favorite holiday. I'll post more about that later. Yom Kippur was good. Long. Good. Mostly long. :)

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Rebecca and Andrew said...

Oh Avi!!!! Happy Happy Birthday Big Boy!