Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lovely Sukkot Shiur

While I was folding laundry today, I looked at one of my favorite, favorite websites,, which has all kinds of video shiurim (classes) with some of the best teachers of our day. I wanted to find something for sukkot, and I had the incredible pleasure of watching this class called "Sukkot: Achieving Joy". It just made me really happy about the coming of sukkot. This whole holiday season I have been overwhelmed by a deep sense of gratitude. It was just a perfect shiur to listen to right now.

Dear husband and the children are right now putting up the sukkah. The sides are up, the poles are resting on the top, and the lights are being strung. (I got demoted from light-stringing last year after I kept hanging them so their end was NOT where the plug was!!) The poles we use are the same poles that held our chuppah (wedding canopy) up at our wedding. Those three walls will contain a week of festive meals, learning, playing, and reading in the sukkah as we move all of our regular activities outside. What a glorious holiday!

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