Friday, January 16, 2009


Today was airplane day. First, a HUGE miracle on the Hudson River. I happened to turn on the radio at the moment the news started breaking. I immediately had tears and shivers. This was a real nes (miracle), partnered with a pilot who did everything exactly right. With the help of Hashem and that pilot, more than 150 lives have been spared. May they all use this experience to boost the good they do in this world. I can't imagine that an experience like that could do anything but inspire a person to live a good life.

Then... right after swimming lessons we zoomed to the library and got there three minutes before closing. We picked up, among other things, a paper airplane book that we had requested. After dinner tonight we pulled it out, and this spatial-reasoning-challenged mama actually was able to make the airplanes in the book! The directions were really clear, and gave me hope that I might be able to do origami that has more than four steps after all. :) The book is called Making Paper Airplanes That Really Fly. And fly they did! There were only a couple of designs that had me completely flummoxed. We had a lot of fun.

Nothing like keeping those dendrites growing!

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