Thursday, January 22, 2009

The. Car. Is. Totaled.

Remember that (not so little) branch that took out the rear window? Well, it turns out it did in the roof too, to the tune of $4K. Hmmmm... The car sat at the body shop for A WEEK before they called us and said, "Um, we think it needs a little more work than we thought." As in, they didn't even have time to LOOK at it until it had been sitting there for a week! Now we're waiting to hear back from the insurance company. We're hoping just to get the window replaced, make sure it's structurally fine, and then happily go on our way with dents in the roof. Good grief. I would kind of like the car back to go on some outings with the kids. It looks like it could take nearly 3 weeks total! Oh, well. At least it's just a car, and no one was in it.

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