Sunday, January 25, 2009

Art Projects

Amirah did a really funny picture of Eli early in the week.

And another one of "prehistoric reptiles."

Then when Amirah's friend, N., was here, we did a REALLY fun project. I got the idea from a library book on hand-sewing (I'm really looking forward to when we can do all kinds of needlework projects!). I never thought of doing embroidery on card stock. I found designs on the internet (you can go to and enter the image you're looking for, then there's a menu you can scroll down and select line-drawings). I printed them off on card stock, punched the holes with an awl so we could use big yarn/big needles. Here are 3 of the designs.

And here's the one that Amirah did on Monday. They spent 60 minutes tirelessly working on them, all the while exclaiming, "We love this art project!"

Here's Amirah's flower:

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