Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cars, Shmars

The part to fix the rear end of the car still hasn't come in from California. We're hoping to take the car in on Monday now. They should have a free loaner car for us too (yay). Meanwhile, we're enjoying the excellent air circulation that keeps us all perky.

On Tuesday we did our first late-afternoon swim lesson with papa in charge of all of them, and it worked out great. I picked him up at work, they dropped me off at my students' house, they went to the community center and had their lessons (well A&E did anyway!), papa entertained the littles, and they arrived back at my students' house spot on time. Tuesday everyone seemed on the slightly cranky side, so my little bit of teaching felt like a mini-vacation, and everyone was back in good spirits for dinner. A&E are thrilled that papa will get to watch them swim once a week, and I'll get to watch them the other day. Yay, papa! Last term, we had swimming lessons at 10:45, which kind of cut our mornings pretty short. Now we can do a consistent learning time in the mornings, and have every afternoon pretty much wide open to do whatever we like.

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