Monday, January 19, 2009

This Week's Nature Walk

We had such a good time on our walk! We spent about an hour in our front yard, an hour ambling through the neighborhood, and an hour at the park. I really thought we'd only be gone for an hour and a half or so, so we sure were ready for lunch when we got back.


First we looked at all the trees and identified which ones were evergreen and which were deciduous. We have gigantic fir trees in the yard (source of the car-crushing branch!), and we spent quite a while investigating these.

We really got interested in the bark. It has deep crevices with lots of sap dripping down in a couple of places.

There are many, many insect holes, some small, some large.

There were several varieties of moss growing on the bark, each a different shade of green.

We saw many insects, but this was our favorite:

We see them all over around here, but haven't yet found out what they're called.

We saw many trees with bright red berries on the tips.

We saw lots of wonderful, messy, big squirrels' nests.

We wondered who lived down here:

A dried thistle...

And finally... THE PLAYGROUND!

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