Friday, January 23, 2009

Bad Body Shop

Bad. Very bad. They did finally fess up to all their, um, oopses when DH picked up the car today. The short version is that it sat at that body shop for two weeks and not a bit of work got done on it. So... we now own a salvage vehicle, but you really can't tell by looking at it at all. There's a small chunk of plastic broken above the window, and DH says there is damage on the roof, but I sure can't see it. And I'm tall! :) So, we'll get cash from the insurance company and use part of that to pay for a replacement rear window and bank the rest of it. Now it will also be cheaper to insure, since we'll just carry liability and nothing for the car itself. We just want it to last for another two years or so, and mechanically it's in pretty good shape. The damage beyond the window is purely cosmetic. So that's that! Now we're just hoping the insurance makes a decent offer on the car so we don't have to battle that too. We should hear by Monday at the latest. Shabbat shalom, everyone!

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